This Is Our School Reunion Trip


I hadn’t seen some of these girls in over thirty years! When I first got the invite to join them I was so excited to find out that they first of all wanted me to join them and then second that where we were meeting wasn’t far from where I lived!

That’s me on the far right in the neon yellow!

This is just a few of the Rosepine girls class of 1977. I first started at this school in the fourth grade when we moved to this small country town back in 1968! Wow that was a long time ago.

Of course as you can see we all became very close friends. I hate that there are those who couldn’t make it to this reunion and those who have already passed on.

I wanted to make a splash arrival, so I took a limousine to meet my friends at the nearby Eagle’s Nest. That was the name of the house on Lake Conroe that we rented for the week-end.

It was a splash and when I arrived we all took the limo to a nearby restaurant and a short tour of the area, then back to our Eagle’s Nest. What fun! Read More

San Francisco and My Wine Tour

IMG_0869 IMG_0890 IMG_0860IMG_0858


I guess you can tell I was traveling by myself this day with all the selfies and I am bad at it!

Wow! I loved San Francisco and I plan to write another post on the other things I did there as well.

My husband works for an oil company and they were meeting in San Francisco for an oil drill, so I tagged along. I didn’t know anyone so while he was in meetings I decided to go on a winery tour.

I have never taken a tour by myself! But I had a lot of fun. I highly recommend a winery tour! The tour I chose was supposed to only be a half day tour getting back at noon. But I was the only one who signed up for it so they upgraded me to the all day tour for no charge! I was in!

First of all I have to say the guy that drove the bus was awesome and I hate it that I can’t remember his name. But that’s him in the picture above. As we drove to each hotel to pick up other passengers he would tell us the history of the town and about each historical place that we passed. He talked non-stop. Read More

Traveling to Sicily, My Son Was In The Navy


With the grandparents seeing Jon off at the airport on one visit home


Me and Jon sitting on a Fountain and I am not sure, Sicily or Italy

This was a very emotional trip for me. My son Jon, joined the Navy and I am so proud of him. He was stationed in Sicily for a few years. Imagine that! Beautiful Sicily. It was an easy time for him not being involved directly in the war. Although later he would have a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

My husband Who is also Jon Sr., and I traveled to Sicily to visit our son who we hadn’t seen in almost two years. It had been a hard wait.

He picked us up from the airport in a junk car or island car as they call it over there. It was a car that had been flooded and it looked and smelled like it. I had to ride with the windows down it was that bad. Jon was a mechanic in the Navy and he would purchase these island cars for a few hundred, fix them up and sell them to the soldiers for a profit. He even had one of the officers wanting to buy an old mustang he had fixed up and decided to keep.

Read More



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My great niece and I were testing out our photo skills on my new I Pad.

IMG_0763Stay tuned as I talk about different places to travel to and all the extras!